What moms, teachers & beta testers are saying about Learn to Read Adventures

"As a homeschooler, I am always looking for fun, creative ways to get my kids reading! I have an almost 6 year-old and a 9 year old and both think this is the coolest idea ever! When a 9 year-old is interested in a "learn to read" app...now that's ingenious! Best of luck Learn to Read Adventures! I hope you are around when my 2 year old gets ready to crack the books himself!"

Lauriann Jones, Homeschool Teacher & Mother, Tuscon, AZ

"My son played on the app for an hour and loved it. We loved the option to make choices throughout the story and he reread the story several times to see all the different possible outcomes."

Stacey Porter, First Grade Teacher and Mother, Atlanta, GA

"I don't know what more awesome - the technology you are creating to help kids love to read OR the fact that a 6 year old had a vision and his Father helped him make it a reality! The project is the future of reading for kids and I'm excited to see it get off the ground!"

Sherri Beauchamp, Mother, Calgary, Canada

"I love this! We discovered my youngest son couldn't read during the summer between his 3rd and 4th grade year. He was bright and sly enough to hide his "disability." We discovered he was dyslexic and hired a tutor, along with spending countless hours helping him. This would have been ideal to keep his attention!"

Diane Bell, Mother, Oklahoma City, OK